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Planning 2004 New Beetle Conversion

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I live down here in New Orleans. My Daisy is a 2004 New Beatle. I am her second owner, and her first owner is Chaya owner of Bywater Bakery. Sometimes parts fall off of Daisy, LOL, but she drives soooooo good. Never gives me trouble starting. No trouble with this girl. I want to ride her into the apocalypse.

You see: my homeland is rapidly disappearing and turning to wetland. Soon, me and Daisy and my husband and the dogs are going to have to get out of here. The land is literally turning to water.

I need a solar car. And, I need that car to be Daisy.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated by my entire family.

Your skill level with auto mechanics and fabrication

None, but I have a good mechanic who is skilled with Beatles. I have a lead on a good fabrication guy in "da Parish." And I am very good at learning things off of YouTube.

The range you are hoping to get (how many miles/charge)

100 miles???

What level of performance you are hoping to get

top speed of 70 mph, seats four, and runs off of a 5 watt solar panel mounted in the back window. I got this from this website:

How much money you are willing to put into your project


What parts you've already considered, if any.

I just read about the solar air conditioner, so it might be better if I start with something small. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. If it gets too complicated, I have support.

Thank you!
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Can you tell me if you (or shout out here to any other readers) end up converting your New Beetle ("Daisy") into an EV? If so, could you share what parts or kits or company you used, and how it worked out in terms of cost and range etc?
I ask because we have in the family a 2013 New Beetle, a convertible, that I think would make a good and really fun EV conversion, especially as a convertible.

But converting New Beetles doesn't seem very popular. And that seems to be true even though, at least I've read, that the Beetle's mechanicals are like a VW Golf's, so it I'm wondering if we had an e-Golf we could transfer many of the part, and maybe some of the electronics & CANbus etc.

We'd be grateful to you or any readers if you have info or experience you can share, on New Beetle conversions..

P.S. Regarding solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on vehicles:
1. Re small panels, I read that the Zelectric/EV_West conversion of a '68 Porsche 912 EV, that Jay Leno test-drove, includes a small solar PV panel, that does the very useful job of trickle-charging the 12-volt battery which most EVs still need. A great use for a small panel.. I'd like it for my current ICE/hybrid vehicles.

2. Also, re range you could get I read that the Aptera EV, that is still in development I think, is so efficient and has enough PV panels, that it can run a long distance (up to 40mi/day claimed) just on the solar energy it absorbs. )f course the Aptera is light and has really low drag and high efficiency: Vehicle | Aptera
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