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I just bought a 2005 Ford Mustang, and plan to convert it to an EV. After reading through dozens of walkthroughs I believe I could put together a working plan. However, since I can't find a 2005+ mustang conversion walkthrough, I would love for you all to point me in the right direction and tell me how you all would go about converting this car, how many batteries, how strong a motor etc.

PS. I realize the consensus is that this car is too heavy at 3500lbs, with the engine, to be converted on a modest budget but if you read below I think you'll see why my case is different.

Skill Level:
As an electrical engineering undergrad I will be doing all of the wiring for the batteries/motor and auxiliary etc. I have also done a lot of welding/plasma cutting etc and even have access to a machine shop and lots of helpful mechanical engineering students at my university.

The goal is to be able to drive to school and back on one charge. Thats 1.25 miles there and 1.25 miles back, for a total of 2.5 miles of range. Charging may take as long as is needed.

If I could achieve 20-25 MPH that would be amazing, however 15-20MPH is just fine.

This is why I have modest goals for range and performance. I plan to not spend more than another $2000, please keep in mind I already have the car so no money will be taken out of budget for the purchase of the vehicle. Also any income I get from selling the engine or other unneeded parts will be added for a possible extra $500 I assume.

I realize I will have to go lead-acid over lithium simply due to the cost factor and I am okay with this.

Thanks again!

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With that range you could spend half your boodle on some leaf or Volt modules and keep away from smelly old lead acid
A complete Volt pack is about $1800

Forklift motor - 11 inch - I paid $100 for mine
Find the local forklift repair/rebuild shop
Go there with money/beer in hand
You want one of the old motors that they kept "Just in Case"
If they don't give it to you then they will give it to the scrap man - best is if you get there after they have decided to have a clear out and before they have cleared the rubbish out

Paul & Sabrina - DIY 150v 500 amps - also known as OpenRevolt - $600

Look up "Bad Boy Charger" - $150

Get some contactors and cables from the forklift place

Gearbox adapter - make it yourself
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