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Hi everyone! I've been lurking around the forums for a while, and I guess it's time to make a post. I'm planning to convert my Scirocco sometime this summer (once I've built up my bank account a little bit...). I wouldn't say I've got much hands on experience in the auto mechanics / fabrication area, but I've always been a tinker-er, and my degree is in EE (although I haven't really done any EE stuff since I graduated a couple years ago). My goal for the project is a commuter that can go highway speeds with a range of about 50 miles - but more is always better. As far as money goes, I'm planning on spending 10k - 12k. I've been looking at parts, and here's my initial list:

Motor: WarP 9
Controller: Synkromotive (information about this one seems a little thin because it's so new... any good post-beta-test reports?)
Battery Pack: Thundersky LiFeYPo4, somewhere around 120-144v, 100 Ah
Battery Charger: Elcon PFC-3000 (maybe 4000, need to do some more research)

Attached is a picture of the car. I'm doing a lot of interior work as well - the dash is really cracked and I need to get rid of all the 30-year old blue carpet ;).



Decent choice of vehicle. Good choice for the motor if you get the newest ones offered. Actually good choice in motor even if it's a good used older model. Controller is good and yes I can report that the new controller is doing very well and a good choice for the middle market folks. It will handle a good load and has good continuous amp current. Mine is currently installed in my MG Midget with 34 Hi-Power 100 AH cells. Your brand of batteries is good but for the distance you should look into the 200 AH cells rather than the 100 AH cells. The Elcon should be just fine but don't get it until you are sure of the batteries you will be using so you can let them know exactly what you want. I have mine set for 120 volts and 200 AH cells. Or a double pack of 100 AH cells. You should also go for the highest voltage you can. I'd go with 156 since that is the max you can do with the Synkromotive. It is a good controller with a small foot print and I have been unable to over heat the controller and I have used one for the past two years and never could over heat that sucker. We tried during the beta testing. We pushed our controller and we now have our production model and that one is an IGBT controller rather than a mosfet controller. Both of which are excellent. I am pleased with my production verison of the Synkromotive controller. No dyno stuff yet.

Since your budget will be mostly for batteries and controller you will need to hunt for some good used parts for your other needs. Motors are available.

Pete :)
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