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Hi everyone! I've been lurking around the forums for a while, and I guess it's time to make a post. I'm planning to convert my Scirocco sometime this summer (once I've built up my bank account a little bit...). I wouldn't say I've got much hands on experience in the auto mechanics / fabrication area, but I've always been a tinker-er, and my degree is in EE (although I haven't really done any EE stuff since I graduated a couple years ago). My goal for the project is a commuter that can go highway speeds with a range of about 50 miles - but more is always better. As far as money goes, I'm planning on spending 10k - 12k. I've been looking at parts, and here's my initial list:

Motor: WarP 9
Controller: Synkromotive (information about this one seems a little thin because it's so new... any good post-beta-test reports?)
Battery Pack: Thundersky LiFeYPo4, somewhere around 120-144v, 100 Ah
Battery Charger: Elcon PFC-3000 (maybe 4000, need to do some more research)

Attached is a picture of the car. I'm doing a lot of interior work as well - the dash is really cracked and I need to get rid of all the 30-year old blue carpet ;).


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