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Hello all. I'm new to EVs and new here.
I've been interested in them for a long time, but it seems things are improving pretty quickly enough to have a drag car comparable to a ICE drag car with EV.

I have been drag racing 1-3 days a week for about 15 years now.
I have a 98 Camaro that can run high 6's in the 1/8 mile.
-The car weight <2500lbs with a LS1 and 4L60e trans.
-It has a 3.73 Mosor rear with a spool.
-The car is mini tubed with a full cage and has been front halved
-I am running a 29" DOT MT slick on the rear and skinnies on the front

My skills - I have put this car together from a completely stock car. I have removed everything down to just the chassis and put it together again several times. I can design parts with a 3d printer and openSCAD. I have experience programming Arduino and Particle micro-controllers. Here I learned a decent amount about electronics. I have built several personal projects with these micro-controllers. I don't know how to rebuild an engine, but I do know how to install cams, heads, etc. I have some knowledge on tuning but not a lot.

Range - I could care less about range as long as it can make it from the pits to the start line and back to the pits after the run

Performance - I ONLY want to run 1/8 mile so this set up will not need to go 1/4 mile. My first goal is to beat my current time of 6.8 in the 1/8 mile. My long term goal is to get to the 4's in the 1/8 mile.

Budget - $20k-40k

Parts - I'm new to this and looking for guidance
I know these things are changing all the time and the parts out there are a little confusing to me to compare
From what I gathered I need Motors, Motor Coupler(s), Batteries, Controller(s), Charger, What else?

Other- I don't need any creature comforts

-Do I have to have a transmission?
-AC or DC for this application?
-What motors are recommended and how many?
-What controllers are recommended and how many?
-What batteries are recommended and how many?
-What charger?
-What other parts will I need?

Here is my current build thread on LS1tech:

Here are pics of the car as is:

Here are gauges I've been working on:

My original design of the gauges:

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Hi Brandon
Looks like an awesome project

DC or AC - I think that depends on the terminal speed that you are expecting

You could run siamesed 11 inch DC motors driving straight to your diff
But you would be limited to about 6000 rpm

That would be the cheapest solution - two modified forklift motors and two of Paul & Sabrina's high power DC controllers
About $4K all up

Then you need batteries - I would suggest two Chevy Volt Packs
Or if you wanted to go super light super risky some of the very high output RC batteries

I'm using half of that! and I have a max power of about 400 Kw or 540 hp
- But I also blew my motor at the last 1/8th drags and I'm looking for another - a guy in Dunedin has a "pile" - he wants $200 each

You could even use three!

For an AC build you would probably be using a Tesla motor and overclocking it a bit

So Tesla "large" motor - one of the controllers that people are working on
That would not have the speed limitation of the DC - but you probably would not have as much power

Batteries - not the Tesla ones - they are not designed for large power to weight - again the Chevy Volt or RC ones

The Tesla unit would be a lot more sophisticated - the DC route is crude unsophisticated - but powerful

My "Device" is not as sophisticated as yours and is setup for track work and road legal rather than drags - it did 8.6 seconds on it's last run - with a lot of tyrespin
If it had not blown up I had hoped to get into the 7's

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I think I'm starting to get an idea of what I want.
So far this is what I have come up with from research as the main components:
2 9" or 2 11" DC motors
1 or 2 zilla 2k controllers
lonestar battery packs
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