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Thanks for the math.
I'll need to convert it to non metric numbers, but I can handle that!
please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste..

my name is Paul an retired gear head but pistons, not amps!
my project car is a 1972 SAAB Sonett iii.
I rebuilt it ( stock ) from 2001, to 2003.
raced it Scca solo stock and slowly modified it to prepared.
not street legal. Until 2005.
my hair brained goal was, of course, more power!

My experience, was in Chevy v8s. From my first race car, a 500 plus HP
gas dragster, to building dirt track cars.
selling open chamber sbc heads.
for oval and drag use!

Crewing on all types of racing all over the mid west.
so of course, I imagined a sbc in the Sonett!

Off came the fiberglass body,
and a new tube frame... et AL
and in goes a sbc

Sorry for the long story..
the short, I have given up the sbc. And seeing the results of EVs,
I think I have seen the ( electric ) light!

The only problem, I know almost nothing of what I may be planning! .?

My experience? Rebuilding starter motors or alternators!
I can wire a lamp or a house, but know nothing of controlers!

I hope I can find help here!

My goal?
a drivable car. With enough power to embarrass the kids down the street with fart cans on their Hondas!
and make female passengers pee their pants!
Enough fun for a 64 year old retired gear head!

Any help?
any one in Columbus Ohio ?
or nearby?
thanks in advance,
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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