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My daily commute is 53 miles minimum. Some days I do 75 because of errands.

As for cost, I'd like to keep it under what I can buy a fair used leaf for (~10k).

I have a COMPLETED '97 Swift that I'll sell you for a good deal! The only thing wrong is the old Curtis controller died. you could replace with a curtis, or I have a Zilla sitting in a box ready to use.

the battery pack is ThunderSky 100ah x 120v nominal... So this will probably NOT handle your milage goal. I used to get a dependable 40 mile day out of this pack around town... so I would recommend that you consider ditching the rear seat and put a second battery bank in place of the rear seats.

anyway, check out my build site to get a better idea what you can do with a Geo/Swift.
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