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Thanks for the encouragement!

This is exactly what I am thinking now. 132L 4-pole 11kW should be easily available, and I hope to be able to rewire windings in parallel for half voltage (sill 200V bit better than 400).
I was trying to make sense " rewire windings in parallel"
Basic rules for a three phase motor. Alternating Current
Each phase is in series 4 coil sets (4 pole motor)
Each phase needs to be labeled start-finish

1st phase:
Each coil set has to be next to each other (slot) (that is the pole N-S)

Each phase has an offset of 120 degrees (3 phases = 360 degrees)

When done you will have six leads 3-start leads and 3-finish leads

You got two choices on hooking up the leads Delta or Wye IMPORANT With a wye connection you LOOSE 20% of your torque

There is a lot more reading on my forum.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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