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fwiw, for example the ac24ls was (still is) a 4kw motor (@1760 rpm), they rewound it for a lower voltage (so you can run it at higher than 60hz) and are listing a peak power of 47kw, and 20kw continuous.

not just any induction motor can do that though, if it is rated for inverter duty that might help as well as having a higher efficiency rating. but generally the rated power of a motor on the data-plate is very conservative. but they don't typically take a break either in an industrial setting.

edit, so rated it makes 15 foot pounds @ 1760 rpm, and can probably do that for years on end, but in the above link you can see they are getting 68 foot pounds all the way up to ~4600 rpm for brief periods, with plenty of power available after 4600 rpm.

1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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