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I’ve been stalking this forum and YouTube about EV builds for a while now. I found the car I think will be perfect based on looks, readily available parts, and abundance of space.

I have some fabrication skills, small voltage electronics skills (home repair, guitar pedals etc.), mechanical abilities (never rebuilt a motor but pretty much everything else.

I’m hoping to build a quick car off the line . Nothing like that beautiful evwest e36, but that’s the spirit. The e34 I have is around 3500 lbs. and only does a 7 Sec 0-60. I think ev could yield better results. If I’m not stomping it I would like 30ish miles on the batteries. Range isn’t too important as I work two blocks from my home and have another car.

I've Seen a lot about warp 9 motors so that’s where my mind is at. Again, I’m in the very early planning stages. So I imagine I will end up somewhere else ultimately. I’m open to change and learning. Batteries, controllers… it’s all up in the air. This is more of an introduction while is comb through the builds and develop a game plan. I’m hoping to find some used parts in the classifieds to cut costs. My goal is about 4K… might be difficult, but if I can do the work and gather used parts maybe? 4K would be the cost of tossing a turbo on the E34 and ev seems way better to me.

If anyone is in the ABQ area that does conversion, I would love to chat and see your conversion. Until then, thanks for reading and I will see everyone around the forums.

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