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Planning Conversion Which is Better AC v. DC System

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I am trying to decide what system I should buy. Money is not a factor so I am considering an AC system, but I'm not educated enough to make a wise decision between the two. I need to go 40 miles a day and get at least 65 miles an hour, but don't need to burn rubber off the start line. Any help greatly appreciated. :D
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Derka Derka Jihad! :p

If money is no object, then you should DEFINITELY go with an AC conversion. If you can get 35 miles out of a DC conversion, then you should be able to get 45 miles out of an AC conversion.

madderscience is absolutely right though, AC systems are more complicated. However, if you can afford to purchase a matched motor and controller, then the added complexity only equates to added $$ out of your pocket, so go for it.

One nice thing about Ac systems is that they run higher voltage. Rather, they run lower amperage. With lower amperage, the system can use smaller gauge wiring (perhaps 6 gauge vs 00 gauge). Less copper = less weight which further increases the system's efficiency. Less amperage through the motor = less heat in the motor on start-up. Less energy converted to heat energy = more energy converted to kinetic energy. Yay!

Look at this thread too. I blather on and on (sorry about that :) ) about the benefits of AC in there too.

Again, if money is no issue, then AC systems are the way to go.
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