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Hi everyone,
I'm 15 and I've always loved building stuff with my own hands.I have been researching for the past few months on planning my own EV go kart. I'm new to all of this and i'm kind of a bit lost with all the things i learned. basically i want to build a go kart as lightweight and sturdy and as fast as possible that can last a while that can run in very hot environments since i live in the desert. The ground reaches 80 degrees Celsius in direct sunlight in the summer. from the research i've done till now i have picked to use box steel 25cm x 25cm but i'm not sure about how thick ill need it to be(around 2.5mm or 3 mm) after many many many designs i've settled with the picture attached.

i'm trying to look for very decent electric motor that is around 100$. and for the batteries what do you advice me. i'm not really sure what to pick since most use 1860 batteries but li ion batteries are very dangerous when hot and can explode which may not be suitable for my environment. and also is there a big difference in speed if i would make a 72V system instead of 48V?
I'm really new to all this stuff i would really appreciate all the advice i can get. Also would you recommend me making any changes? my goal is to make a fast electric go kart. and also I have all the tools needed in my fathers garage which are state of the art because hes so into creating things


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