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Planning: Ford Model T

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Planning (pipe dreaming): 1927 Ford Model T sedan. I've done some calculations, but I need a reality check. One of the issues is the steps lead you to make assumptions- such as kWh/mi. I assumed 150 kWh/mi, which may be on the low side.

I'm shooting for a finished weight of 1300 lb, a 60 MPH top speed, 35-mile range, and normal acceleration. I'm liking the SepEx motor and controller package because I'd hope to set up regenerative motor braking, it seems like a good deal, but I don't know if that's enough grunt to do the job. The batteries would be Sears Diehard flooded lead acid deep cycle rated at 105 Ah based on 20 hours with a pack voltage of 84 V (motor is 60-84 V).

[You probably can't] See the attached spreadsheet. Okay, I pared it down and you can see the second version.

SepEx motor w/ Sevcon PowerPak controller: 425 A, 60-84 V, 25 hp, 4500 rpm, $1525.

Diehard 27M: 105 Ah, 57 lb, $95. 7-Pack: 84 V, $665, 400 lb.

What do you think?



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