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After much deliberation we opted to not use the 4wd ford explorer and swapped it for a geo prizm much lighter and less obvious problems.

So here is the plan. We hope to put this together before Christmas. It is for my daughters science project.

I have rebuilt cars from the frame up. I can fab pretty much any part either personally or at my brothers machine shop.
Hoping for 50 miles roughly per day. The required round trip is 32 miles. Hwy speeds 70mph.
The plan is minimal funds as that is part of the project. Can we create an electric car that can do an average families daily driving for the average cost spent on fuel for 3 months?

Parts planned or acquired
94 geo prizm w manual transmission
Custom fab transmission plate
advanced dc motor 9" 36/48v free from local forklift shop came from 12k# crane lift
144v lithium ion battery pack 100ah, from laptops 18650 cells = have almost free source, nearly limitless volume.
Will use a spot welder and make 10s 25p packs ( expecting 1600 li ion to start )
300a dc controller
10s bms unit per 36v battery pack
12v fla for accessories will run a secondary dc motor harvested from a treadmill to handle ps pump, ac compressor, brake booster.

Charger? considering dc booster 1500w per 72v segment using a 200v constant relay to connect and disconnect pack for charging

I am sure there are a million more things I am missing but it is a start. Aside from the low amperage output limitation most likely from the 18650 cells can anyone see any other obvious red flags.

Thanks all.
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