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Planning Hybrid Conversion of Land Rover Discovery

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Hi All,
I'm planning a conversion of my beloved 2000 Land Rover Discovery 2 into a hybrid configuration, and I'd appreciate your input, as I know every nut and bolt of the old Disco, and I'm an electrical nerd, but I've not done a full-size conversion before.

My goals are:
1. To keep the long-range capability of the 25-gallon gas tank (Otherwise I'd buy a Bollinger B1)
2. Augment the reliability of the drive train with a second power source for a limp-home mode, and some additional power for hill climbs
4. Enable short EV-only drives

The general plan outline is:
1. Remove the transfer case, and connect a drive shaft directly from the transmission output to the rear axle, via an adapter for the parking brake drum
2. Mount a motor near where the TC was, with drive shaft to the front axle
3. Re-route engine exhaust and muffler for new shaft positions
4. Mount batteries under the door sills, with heavy frames around for protection, and also to act as "rock sliders"
5. Wire the motor controller in parallel with the existing accelerator position sensor
6. Add electric vacuum pump for engine-less braking
7. Add electric hydraulic pump for engine-less steering
8. Add charger & port

What do you think?

I'm sure there are many questions I don't know to ask yet, but some of the questions I know to ask are:

1. What is the connection between a drive-shaft and motor? U-joint right onto the motor splines? (With maybe a gear reduction in-between) Any need for a flexible coupling or thrust bearing?

2. Are there motor classes that are more well suited to operating in the worst conditions (water, dust, mud, sand)?

3. Are you sick of my lists yet?!