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Been away just caught up with this. Following with intrest

Ive been building / modifying LR for 35 years

Defenders don't have rack & pinion steering have a PAS steering box . I would not even bother I have armstrong steering in mine & its a non issue.

If you do there is no problem putting an RRC column in a Defender , Ive done it in a RRC/ Series hybrid , Defer steering wheel even fits.

This is my Electric LandRover

If you want to ditch the constant 4x4 ( I'd keep it) Santana PS10 / Iveco Massif have a 2WD /4WD version of the LT230 transfer case , it will bolt straight in.

or Ashcroft have a 2wd/4WD kit for your LT230
1 - 2 of 48 Posts
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