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Planning Mercedes Sprinter y.2000+ conversion

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Hello, everyone!

Donor Vehicles: Mercedes Sprinter Medium & Long Based Vehicles carrying 17 people - I guess total medium weight about 3500kg-4000kg(have to check). Relief: Hills, lots of them :( high% upward angle.

-Skill level with auto mechanics and fabrication:
-Little (Economist by profession)

-What level of performance you are hoping to get:
-Acceleration-base model or better;
-1)Urban Model: 70-75km/h, 20-25km range(which take about 40-45minutes due to traffic) with 40-60 minutes brake in a 8 hour working environment.
-2)Interurban Model:95-100km/h; 2 trips - 100km range with 3-5 hours brake time between them

-How much money you are willing to put into your project:
-As much as it is needed.
if possible to get separate components cost like batteries, controller, charger and so on.

-What parts you've already considered, if any:

I would like to consider well separated answers between these 2 models: Urban & Interurban.

Main Question: IS it possible and at what cost?

P.S. Need only cost of parts (preferably some EU/Russian/Chinese Manufacturers)

The standard gasoline engine models have a max. 243lbs*ft torque (330 N*m)
max power ranges: 65kw to 105kw
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My advice would be to tackle one project at a time.

The urban conversion should be easy to do and the lessons learnt from that project would help on the harder conversion of the InterUrban build.

Usually to determine wh/mile or wh/km we base it on a similar vehicle - but not many bus conversion projects on this site!

So you may have to do the calculations your self. Have a look at determining energy usage doing a roll down test (or also called a coast down test).

Basically get the bus up to speed on a flat road (110 kmph) and time how long to takes to get to 0 kmph in 10 kmph intervals. Then repeat in the other direction. From these timings you can work how much energy is lost to aerodynamics and rolling resistance.

In regards to AC unfortunately there isn't an off the shelf product available at resonable price point to DIYer's. For the interurban it wouldn't help much but would be good for brake assist (down hills, regular stops). So the money better spent on more batteries.
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