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Planning Nissan 240sx conversion

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Hey everyone, I'm really hoping to convert my 1993 240sx to an EV and am excited to get started as soon as I can! Hoping I'll get some good help on this forum.

My auto mechanics skill level is decent. I typically do my own repairs and upgrades so I'm not new to working on cars but this project will definitely the biggest thing I've done. Fabrication wise, I have no experience.

The range I'm hoping for is between 60-100 miles on a charge. I'm more concerned with having a fun car to drive as this isn't my daily. I really want the great acceleration that comes with EVs and would like to be able to reach up to 100 mph. Hoping to take this car to the track every once in a while.

The amount of money I'm imagining spending is roughly 25k from the research I've done. I've attached a couple photos of the parts I'm considering. I'm sure I'm missing parts or have chosen parts that don't make sense for me.

From what I understand, DC motors give more power for the money and I'm not all interested in regen braking so I'm thinking to go with Warp11. I heard that the battery packs from used EVs such as teslas/volt/leaf are a more affordable way to get great performance. I'm honestly not sure how to combine the battery/motor/controller and everything, so I don't really know what's compatible. I'd like to keep power steering, heating, A/C. Everything else I chose because I thought it was all necessary.

Looking forward to any and all advice I get and to be a part of this forum!