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Planning on making a Jeep Willy (spell?) conversion

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Im a 15 year old who wants to basically build himself his own car because I think I will take better care of it If I put effort into it than letting other people (parents) buy it for me.

Well Im planning on buying a Jeep Willy and converting it to electric. First off I was looking for AC drive and DC drive systems but only to find DC system diagrams and tutorials. So I was wondering If anyone here would be so kind to explain me the parts of an AC drive system and which are compatible with which. Thanks.

Also, Is the any post that talks about the process in removing rust and painting (just priming) a car? If not, can anyone explain the process?

Apart from that,
This is what Im basically trying to build:
Minimum of a 40 mile range
30mph min (hoping 60mph)
Enough to carry 4 people and bags (car pooling and such)
External Solar sound system (good idea?? or just plain stupid...)(by external I mean not affecting the motor batteries by any means except weight)

Thanks in advance

PS: Sorry for the many questions, but I really want to learn a lot about this...
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Pablo, the reason most forums like this mostly have DC information is because AC systems is much more expensive right now, IF you can get it. There are some places who have stock of AC motors and drives. Beyond the actual motor connections, there is little difference between the connections, as everything else will be DC connections, whatever the motor type you are using. Have you decided upon a specific AC setup, or are you looking for more information on different systems?


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Well, I was just wondering about those AC drive systems because of what I've read on many sites saying that DC drive systems aren't really good in terrains with hills and can be rough on the transmission.

Ill stick with DC for the moment, but I still want to know more about AC (so if you can, just list any websites you may know)
What would be a nice, cheap engine that would work on a Jeep willys and will let me still carry about 3 to 4 adults in the car?
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