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Planning Porsche Boxster 986 conversion

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Hi all,

My brother in law and me are planning to convert a Porsche Boxster 986 (with no motor).

I have been getting information about the "power" part, that is inverter, batteries, etc. so no issues with that (for now).

But what worries me most is the interaction with the existing systems that should keep working (ABS, Airibags, other safety systems, HVAC, etc.), considering that "their" combustion motor is not present.

I am focusing in the electronic part. I expect that I will have to plat with CAN bus in order to get all of them working, but can anyone give me more information regarding that? Specially if those system could work even withouth the combustion motor with no much pain.

Any source of information that could be interesting for our project?

Thanks in advance for your help.