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Planning REVOLT Electric Motorcycle

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I'm tired of spending my 20-mile (1-hour) commute on a hot motorcycle that burns dinosaur juice. I've been thinking of building an electric motorcycle for years. Here are the details so far, following the recommended questions:

Your skill level with auto mechanics and fabrication
Decent. A fair amount of motorcycle work and fabrication. Not so much with EV systems.

The range you are hoping to get (how many miles/charge)
60 miles

What level of performance you are hoping to get
60-70 MPH

How much money you are willing to put into your project

What parts you've already considered, if any.

1973 CB350F with carbs I'm tired of tinkering with (already own, will try to sell ICE stuff and rear wheel). The bike is bone stock but will probably become a rat/cafe. It's pretty light (minus the heavy engine) and small and has a fair amount of space for EV stuff.

Batteries: 12 of these in series. I want 13, but the BMS does not... 2013-15 62Ah Nissan Leaf Battery Module 2x3.8V cells, 470Wh; ... Itemid=605

BMS: BMS-24. Balances up to 24 cells; 12 battery modules. Example:

Charger: 100V, probably on board. Chargery?

Liquid cooling system: Ebay motorcycle parts?

Rear brake? Dunno yet. I think EnerTrac has suggestions.

This all from EnerTrac in one convenient order with their experience behind the choices:
Controller: KLS12301-8080IPS, 24V-120V, 300A, Sinusoidal BLDC

Contactor: 12v...

DC-to-DC converter for isolated power for the Kelly controller (cleans up the voltage)

DC-to-DC converter for accessories: Meanwell Railway standard... 200W

CA unit: System-level computer and display with current shunt...

Motor: EnerTrac MHM-602 hub motor; liquid cooled; same size wheel as stock

Throttle: Magura 5K ohms twist throttle

I'm really close to pulling the trigger on this, so any advice is appreciated. The battery part is most foreign to me. I can just hook up the BMS and then connect the charger across the entire battery series with the correct series voltage (100v, I think)? My plan is to keep the BMS on board because this is a large number of cells in series, and I have an aversion to being blown up.