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Planning Toyota Corolla 2007 Model S EV conversion

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Skill level with auto mechanics and fabrication: on a scale of 1 to 10, 1.
  • The range you are hoping to get (how many miles/charge) : 250 miles. I need to be able to go one charge per week, driving to work and back, and charge over the weekend to get ready for the next week.

  • What level of performance you are hoping to get : 60 miles per hour minimum on the highway.

  • How much money you are willing to put into your project : I am poor. $2000 would be nice. How much am I willing? Up to $20,000.

  • What parts you've already considered, if any. :
    Let me be clear, and frank. This will take time, be very hard, but will also be necessary and fun. I don't know anything and need to research a lot.
You who are experienced: Are the specs crazy? I come from a pure software engineer background, am a recent college grad, and know nothing. Please let me know my friends. Thanks.
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Thanks for replying.
Sorry for the ambiguity in my post. My corolla is a model S (sport variety corolla). I do not mean convert a Corolla using Tesla Model S. I see someone could understand my post to mean that I want to use Model S components from a Tesla car. That is not what I want. I want any components for my Toyota Corolla S[port].

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Leaf doesn't have the range. A Chevy Bolt EV barely does, and won't have it in cooler weather.

Which is why I asked about his charging assumptions. How do you even build a car if you don't have a plug to charge it nightly?
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