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Hi all - newbie intro post, and also looking for some constructive input to my planned conversion!

I'm relatively well experienced in mechanical engineering, fabrication and electronics. I've built race cars, cafe racers, classic engines, etc in my spare time and worked in the automotive industry all my career. I'm based in California.

My goal is to convert a recent model Triumph Bonneville, retaining as much of the classic styling as possible.

Desired range: 60-80 miles city. Highway: 40 miles

Desired Performance: 0-60 Comparable to 865cc standard engine ([email protected], 69Nm @5000rpm, 5.5sec 0-60). Top speed: 75mph

Budget: Trying to keep the conversion under $10k

Planned components (major components only listed here):
- Motor: Motenergy ME1616
- Controller: Sevcon Gen4 Size6
- Batteries: Current choices are Nissan Leaf modules (14 in series for 106V Nominal and 6.78kWh) OR LGCHEM modules OR self-build using 18650 cells into a more custom pack shape / size)
- Charger: Elcon 3kW mounted onboard
- BMS: TBD, looking for recommendations (and realise it depends on battery choice).

First question: are there better options I'm missing for the controller? I'm getting very close to the max voltage quoted by Sevcon at the full charge voltage for the cells. My belief is this voltage will be fairly critical to get the top speed I'm after.

Any input is very welcome!
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