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1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle
Curb Weight: 2024 Pounds​
Stock power: 48BHP​
Current output: 90BHP​
Gear Ratios: 1st - 3.78, 2nd - 2.06, 3rd - 1.26, 4th - 0.93, R - 3.79, Final - 3.875​

Per the sticky post.
  • Your skill level with auto mechanics and fabrication
I do all my own mechanical and most of my own machining & electrical.
  • The range you are hoping to get (how many miles/charge)
Infinite miles would be nice; my average daily commute is 53 miles round trip, willing to accept 100 mile range greatly interested in 150+
  • What level of performance you are hoping to get
75mph in a perfect world I'd find a way to have a hybrid setup enabling a range as far as 300 miles or at least eliminating becoming stranded by lack of charge as I do live semi-rural, however there is a network of public access charging stations claiming to support border to border driving with in the state along certain highways.
  • How much money you are willing to put into your project
  • What parts you've already considered, if any.
I've toyed the idea of direct swapping basically every production PHEV/EV available in the United States between 2012 and 2019 model years including Chevy Volt and Prius.

What I think I've settled on as the best / affordable option
  • Remove: engine transaxle, fuel tank and other now unnecessary components from the vehicle for a net savings of 480 pounds +/-20
  • 3" body lift using square tube :: HBB Off-Road - View topic - body lift attempt :: HBB Off-Road - View topic - body lift on a Super with struts anyone done it?? adding space between shell and pan for battery placement throughout the vehicle without as much loss of much passenger/ all cargo space and increasing pan strength.
  • Purchase wrecked runs and drives Nissan Leaf at auction I have seen these sell in recent weeks for as low as 1900$
  • Swap complete drivetrain including single speed reduction gear box with plans to add more batteries at a later time to extend range.
  • Found a few aftermarket VCU's that I suppose should be looked into as well
I will NOT convert to front wheel drive so I'm either committed to a motor adapted to stock transaxle, the swap I've outlined above, or finagling another transverse engine/gearbox combo between my rear wheels.

Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated.

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I never got far enough ahead on planning to warrant expense and then when I was starting to really enjoy the gas power this happens:

To save having to watch the video, here's the comment from the YouTube post...
"Passenger balljoint stud pulled out of spindle on stepped bump in the road."

Sorry to hear about that.
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