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Planning VW T3 Syncro conversion

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Hello guys,

I own T3 Syncro vans for 10 years now.
I have been doing all the work on them for the last 7 years.
From my first Diesel (and another 5) conversion to 110 bhp TDI conversion.
latest project was a conversion from a 2wd bus to syncro 4wd.

Through my work I have a steady supply of IFR 26650 battery packs.
So I started building my own battery packs for my Tiny house thats off grit.

Next"logical" step is building a battery pack for a EV and converting my Syncro to an electric engine.

Specs syncro:
build 1989.
4 wheel drive visco-clutch
front and rear diff locks
Weight empty 1640 kg
Weight fully packed around 2850 kg (its a RV)
current engine a 90BHP TDI engine with 200Nm torque
It already has a electric power steering conversion.
and a disc brake rear conversion and front vented disc upgrade done.

Max speed I want to reach is 120 km/h
Cruising speed 100 km/h
I like to keep the crawling possibility (low speed terrain gear)
Range would be cool to have +/- 400km
Sollar panels on the roof could be increasing the range.
Best thing would be to make fully solar charged car...
wait 3 days drive one day something like this :)

I have an offer for a MES DEA Swiss 100Kw engine with controller.
Battery packs I want to build myself from the A123 IFR 26650 3,3v Cells.
I'm not sure what size packs i want to build but properly cells's that can be easily exchanged since I like to use recycled cell's.

Most people connect the engine on to the old gearbox. This might be a good option for one big engine.But the syncro gearboxes are know to be week. Thats wy it's not a smart thing to place TDI engine in there over 100BHP/200Nm torque.
I don't know if this will be a problem with the E-en
I'm also thinking about 2 smaller engines one on each differential.
It all comes down to money in the end.
So I guess I will go for the most reliable/affordable option.

any suggestions are welcome.

Ow yes we use the van to climb all over the world.
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For the first TDI 90BHp Conversion I Made the Left engine support to clear the Turbo.
The second and third TDI conversion I used the Original TD JX Diesel Manifold with Turbo adapter so I could use the original JX engine supports.

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I think you should keep the 26650 cells for your house or other project.
The best way to go at the moment is probably to find one or two Renault Zoe 40 kWh battery at the scrap yard and us the 29V module to build a large battery pack. Tesla module can be good to.
At short term and with current technologie, I think it's not realistic / pratical to expect more than 200 km of range per charge.
Investing in a powerful charger and charge 2-3 time per day is more realistic.

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Dear Yabert,

Thanks for the input. I know 400Km is utopi
I will take a look at Renault battery's.

What about old Outlander battery unit's?
There seem to be a lot available in the Netherlands..

Grtz Dennis
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