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Please help identify this ev battery cell

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I have this batterypack, made of a company that re-use ev lithium batteries. Makes packs in different sizes.. i'd like to add a new bms to this pack, therefore , i want to get all the information i can about the cell. The company could not give me any other information rather then its from a bmw. I'v been googeling all over, but can't find any bmw cell that looks the same. The pic shows the cells from the side, several narrow cells, about 2cm thick, 40cm high. 3.7v nominal. Any of you seen any like this? Or guide me in a direction to where to find info? Sorry about poor quality pic, i'm going to take it apart later, willthen see more of it. Just hoping the side of the cell is enough to identify...


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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