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For 60AH battery size are almost same to thundersky, so it is one more selection for diyers.

For new modules, I have considered BCI group 31, 4-D, 8-D, GC2 and T-105, because it is common in lead acid batteries.

The new module 100/160/200, there are no higher than 9 inch, and they can easliy replace the lead acid, like 100AH for group 31, 200AH for 4-D, 8-D, 160AH for group 31, 4-D, or T-105.

It is needed that LifePO4 battery suitable for common lead acid battery size replace, for more ecnomic and easy acceptable.
Where can I find the specs / price for the 60ah size?
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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