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Battery for the Leaf


Volt BMS

Volt BMS

Volt battery with water cooling. An awful lot of potential coolant leaks if you ask me.

Volt battery with water cooling. Lots of hose clamps. I guess thats the price you pay for a small battery with high current. I like the leafs approach, large battery, low C discharge, and pure electric, almost half the price of the volt.

Price of gas / Price per kwhr
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The map with the gas vs kwh numbers might be accurate for a state average, but not for my area. Gas is only $2.68 and it's listing 3.26. It also says 9.99 cents per kwh, but it's actually 8.09 here.

Cool pictures though, neat to see the battery for the Leaf. It reminds me of a sled. :D

The hybrid is just a bad piece of engineering design, period, whether it's the Volt or the Prius. I think Nissan got it right to skip the Hybrid hype and go straight for EV or straight ICE.
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