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Seems to be some on here with knowledge of motor theory.
A group of us have been trying to get a Motenergy 3031 pmac running properly for some time. Sevcon gen4 controller.
I have dld and two dcf files. One from motor testing and one with some tuning done by John at motenergy for testing in a golf cart.

The first company that attempted tuning was little help except for separating us from our money. He left us running rough, low power, and hot, but 7000rpm.

Second did a lot but did not have time to dig deep.

Third is a freelance Sevcon tech that gave us on-site assistance. He has done as much as he believes possible. He limited us to 4000 rpm which helps with overheating, but it still runs very hot. Over 4000rpm it overheats in a couple minutes or less.
Tech tells us, "that's it" won't run cool and won't run over 4000rpm.

We plan to give up soon and run heavy 8kw induction motors. They are running fast and cool way over 7000rpm.
Golf cart test platform is crazy fast. 10:1 and little 17" tall tires. Spins tires and front end gets light at 15mph. Theoretical >40mph but not safe to test top speed in this feather weight.

Any insight into pmac performance is appreciated. There may be extra motors available as test samples, or when we give up completely.
6:1 gears are ordered, but even at 4000 we have too much heat.
tnx in advance
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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