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Polaris quad convertion?

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I have 450 sportsman and want to convert to Electric.
Has anyone done anything like this?
what will i need.

I use the quad for Rabbit control on few farms in North Yorkshire england UK.
My petrol consumption is about a gallon per outing and we are paying £1.25 per ltr now!Thats over £5.50 per gallon.
I hope to convert it to run on batteries.This will cut down my expence and it will be quite.
I will have lots of questions...I have Lathe and small milling machine and can weld.I do not know alot(nothing!) about electric motors.
Any help would be taken on board and i would be most grateful for any advice that may come from this post.

Thanks for looking and happy new year to you all.
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These would be a good place to start. Check out the wiki on electric vehicles and do some searches through and the garage section here. Making your quad electric should be a fairly simple project that you will really enjoy. Good luck.
Hi Rabbit Hunter
Converting a quad is perfectly feasible, but if your reason for doing it is purely financial it probably won't offer any advantage unless you can find cheap batteries and a motor. It would help if you could narrow down your requirements a little. What top-speed do you want. Do you just use the quad off-road? Being in North Yorkshire, I guess the terrain is fairly hilly. Do you tow a trailer at all?
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