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Pondering Mazda RX7 FD conversion...?

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Hi people, i have a '97 RX7 rolling shell and have stumbled across this forum!

As the sticky asks here are my details:

Ive studied / practiced motor mechanics at college during a 1 year course.
My hoped range would be 150+ miles.
Performance, i would uave to sacrifice my 5sec 0-60 time and realise that 10sec with a top speed of 80 or 90 would be more realistic?
Cost wise i dont have a clue - what are these conversions costing people?
Any links to any examples on here would be much appreciated! thanks!
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An FD RX7 does not have a great deal of room to work with. You going to be limited by the amount of space you have to work for batts. expect maxx 60-80 miles wit the space you have to work with. unless you want to use 6500 AA batts with. Costs can be from min. $6k-$35k all depends what you want to spend on batts and how many you can fit. check out this one here done with lead acid but a great motor
Thanks for the reply, that link says he has got a top speed of 100mph which is good! However the range is only 30 miles which isn't practical at all...

And for that amount of money I don't think it is worth the hassle!

What are 6500 AA batts? I see he has his batteries in the engine bay, are they in the boot too?
6,500 double AA batterys. As in the ones in a flash light or TV remote. I say AA just to give you an idea of size. You wouldnt want to use 6,500 tiny batterys thats for sure $$. The one listed is range limited because of the batts he has used. And yes Im sure he has some in the boot as well. Might even have a few in the gas tank location as well. One thing the 1992+ Rx7 has going for it is aero so it will get good watt hours at speed.

And yes to change to an EV is not cheap at all. I'd also say its a bit of a sin to change the motor on an RX7. But I have blown up 4 of them so it is tempting...but I would never have the same 390hp to the wheels and still be at 2700 pounds.
I'm doing an RX7 now. Every inch counts.

I have 10, 120v, 150ah L/A batteries. 4 in front, 6 in back.

Impluse 9 motor, and no clutch.

It is tight, but it works.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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