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Porsche 914 Conversion looking for a home

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SOLD! Porsche 914 Conversion looking for a home

Need to find a home for my "working" 1975 yellow Porsche 914 144V AC conversion.
When parked several years ago, it was working, although the lead acid batteries had developed corrosion and died. I removed the batteries and the battery compartments have been empty since.
I live in the foothills of N Calif, so performance on the hills wasn't great with 1,600 lbs of LA batteries. On the flat, it easily did 65-70 mph and went up to 50 miles on a charge.
This is a perfect candidate for upgrading to lithium, but that is beyond my expertise.
• Azure Dynamics AC24LS motor
• DMOC445 controller
• Zivan NG3 charger
• Rust free chassis
• Battery boxes in front trunk and engine compartment
• Good condition convertible hard top that fits in back trunk
• Instructions for the ElectroAuto kit used and 941 wiring diagrams included
I really need to get this out of our garage and will accept just about any offer... if nothing else, there's a ton of great parts here!


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Re: FOR SALE CHEAP: Porsche 914 Conversion looking for a home

Beastie made it home safely tonight. Time to clean it up and plug in up to 268 volts worth of batteries. Not sure I can fit that many but I do want to bump up the voltage. Will need a new charger and DC DC to deal with the extra voltage. I may just do 144 volts for now to be sure all is fine first. Then if possible I'll put in the big brother controller to the one that is in this beastie.
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