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porsche 924s possible project

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I have a line on a 924s at a pretty good price in pretty good shape. still running well as ICE so I can probably sell the motor... well maintained 153k miles, nothing obviously shot.

anyway, I note that there have been a couple done in this group, but did not read thru entire threads. I would like to know:

- what motors may fit well? ... looks like no limit really since it is not a transverse. I would think seriously about a siamese 8", or an 11" to make it really fun. BUt maybe a 9" is enough? might even have to spring for a zilla to do it justice rather than a more tame curtis 1231.

- tranny adaptor... I have not checked w/ CanEV... but are there adaptors available off the shelf? I don't want to have to pull tranny and mail it away. I do want to retain clutch.

...any other gotchas with this car?
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thanks for input. I am surprised you don't have better performance? w/ 144v thru a 10" it should put out plenty to go 80 and accelerate pretty well?
somewhat sadly I have decided to pass on this one. Mostly because I really need to be able to get my kids in the car on errands, and not even my 9 yr old fits comfortably in the back of the 928s!

If anyone else wants it..... its in pretty darn good shape, and still running well on ICE, for $3000 in santa fe, nm.

It was re-painted a couple years ago, interior is 'good'. 153k well maintained miles, new front shocks and new starter.
damned kids.. always getting in the way of our terrific, oh so terrific, plans! :mad:
Haha, I'm in the same boat but my son is only 4 (he's a bit taller than average) and he fits perfectly in the back of my 944 (for a couple more years anyways) but for a size perspective, sitting properly in the seat, his back touches the back of the seat and his feet touch the floor. I did some sunroof work sitting in the back seat and I can say it's not a place I would like to be while driving.

Hopefully there is a slightly more roomy project in your future.
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