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Hey all,

I've been lurking and reading all I can about electric conversions. Have a bit of spending money, an old Porsche 944 and some anxiety about burning gas every time I go to the grocery store. I would like to set a good example, drive electric and look good doing it, without spending 30-40k+ on a Tesla (also not a fan of modern cars and the extensive onboard computing, gps tracking, etc)

Anyways, looking to spend ~15k, maybe more and build a sweet little conversion. I've been checking out some of the conversions from EV West and perusing their online store. I've got a lot to learn, but tentatively looking to rig up enough tesla cells to get a realistic 100+ mile range, medium-high performance EV that's fun to drive, and compatible with current destination chargers.

Also interested in building a system that can start small and incrementally expand as I feel like spending for extra range and additional charging capacity. I want to keep myself busy for the next several months and global quarantine seems like a great time to build an EV. ;)

See you on the forums!
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