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Porsche Spyder 550

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I'm looking for anyone who has recently converted a Porsche 550 Spyder for information on performance, equipment used, and cost. Thanks in advance for your help.
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there is an outfit doing the kits... but charging premium price. I dunno if they are selling many, but they probably have done a couple. check the article:

found it... this is the high-end shop:
Duane Ball built one and drove it for a while and then sold it to Jack Rickard who now owns and drives it. I rode in it last summer :) wonderfully quick.

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wow, that is a pretty car.... absolutely zero cargo space, but I bet it is a blast to drive!
Rickard put both the red speedster and the 550 on ebay, didn't sell for what he wanted. Searching the completed listings and you might find the highest bidder for the Spyder. Probably about the cheapest way to have one. Not sure what the reserve price was, maybe he set it high just to see what it would run to.
Here is my inspiration. Went with the Ghia but love the Spyder. This one was done awhile ago but done nicely. I talked with him about the car and I also talked to the guys at Thunder Ranch about the extra stuff they did and to Kennedy about the adaptor plate. Adaptor plates are available from other sources and building some extra frame work for the batteries should be within the realm of anyone with some decent welding experience. I have been considering the kit and then converting using lithium. Maybe someday. I have an extra Kostov like is used in this example of a fine Conversion. Lead batteries did not give much range but it was quick.

As usual, a short range lead sled. Cool looking and fun.

Pete :)
wow, drop the lead from that sled, and it would REALLY move...
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