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I am a new member and currently putting a Tesla LDU into a Porsche Boxster. It's going well and I have run the car run up & down the back alley a few times. I want to add power steering (PS) and have a question regarding the PS pump set up. I purchased a Volvo S40/C70/C30/V50 ELECTRIC POWER STEERING PUMP on e-bay. This unit is actually made by Ford and is used on smaller cars such as the Ford Focus. There are 5 wires coming out of the pump. The two large wires (#8AWG red & black) come from connector #1 and go directly to the 12V battery. This has been connected. The other three #18AWG wires come from a separate smaller connector that I assume is used for control. From other forums I have read, the grey wire from the smaller connector is for a built in switch that turns the pump on and off. The other two #18AWG wires are for a CANBUS functions that do not need to be connected to run the pump. When I connect 12V power to the grey wire, there is a 3 sec delay and the pump starts for 1/2 second and then stops. I leave the grey wire connected and 3 sec later the pump does the same thing. All the threads I have read say the grey wire is the non-CAN wire that will keep the pump running at about 70%. The forums also say to keep a #8AWG red & black wires connected to the pump to keep the built in capacitors fully charged. I have connected the other two wires individually to the switch but they do not do anything. I think my pump is looking for a CAN signal to keep running. Any ideas or suggestions?
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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