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Hey guys,

I have had my Porsche 911 in the garage for a week and have started removing all the crap I don't need. It doesn't have an engine or transmission.

I was searching for a transmission and had a thought...
Instead of a warp 9 or 11... Why not go with 2 transwarp 7's.
1 driving each rear wheel with a shorty drive shaft. I haven't been able to find many conversions with a drive motor for each wheel.

Any idea what it would do for my performance/range?

lastly - finding a Porsche tranny isn't easy, and what sais it has to be a porsche? I have lots of room and I can pretty much make any transmission fit since it is going to have to be custom mounts anyway. I was thinking about using a VW tranny since there are so many adapter plates already designed. Anybody know which VW tranny I should go with? Prefferably one as bulletproof as possible.

Thanks for any feedback,
Sounds like a cool project. I would advise against a motor on each wheel mostly for safety reasons. It's OK for small light electric vehicles like personal mobility scooters and Power Wheels that go like 5 mph. But on a highway going car, if you get in a runaway situation with one of the motors either from a welded contactor or controller malfunction you could be in trouble. You also wouldn't be able to use the same polarity on both motors. If you do you'll be spinning around.
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