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possible max speed attainable with 1470 rpm ac motor

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The motor i'm planning to use in my conversion of 1500 kg (including battery) is an 11 kw ac three phase 1470 rpm motor. I'm planning to retain the transmission. What could be the approximate max speed of the vehicle in the top (5th) gear. The vehicle is a sedan car.
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yes, it is 11 kw ac 3 phase 4 pole / 1470 rpm / 50 hz / s1 Duty / IP 55
voltage and amp rating is 400 / 690 and 22 / 12.7 @ delta / star identifation plate has been attached
Hello ven,

Although it may be possible to use this motor it would be very difficult. It was mentioned to increase in voltage to increase the power and RPM. This is possible but again very difficult as that would involve 800V. That requires on the order of 200 battery cells and is a hazardous voltage. Also the motor controller will be very expensive, large and complex.

I recommend you reconsider and look at a DC system or a package of AC motor and controller intended for EV propulsion.


hello Major, Shall we consider 50 kmph max as a safe speed. In the case if it is not which could be the safe limit
It is not the vehicle speed I refer to as the hazard. It is the voltage level. Most EV conversions done by beginners are below 200V. You need to take caution at that level. Using higher voltage like 400VAC which would require 600VDC battery becomes lethal. Please reconsider unless you are an experienced engineer.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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