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possible max speed attainable with 1470 rpm ac motor

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The motor i'm planning to use in my conversion of 1500 kg (including battery) is an 11 kw ac three phase 1470 rpm motor. I'm planning to retain the transmission. What could be the approximate max speed of the vehicle in the top (5th) gear. The vehicle is a sedan car.
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11kw motor on a 1500kg vehicle is not a lot. Id guess you'll cook it doing 100km/h for more than 30 minutes.

Also the speed is the speed with slip at a certain load with a certain net frequency. (50/60Hz). I guess you'll be using an inverter. That way you can get 22kW output at approx double the input voltage and double the frequency without immediatly overheating it. Eitherway, 22kw is not a lot even with 1500kg.. In fact, you wont notice much acceleration above 70km/h then I am afraid.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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