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Posting difficulties and Thanks

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Hi, Long time no post. Apparently I have a wandering I.P. address, requiring verification every time I log on, which is time consuming. Is this a common problem or is it just mine?
On the up side my '89 Suzuki carry has been legal since December 16 and is easy to drive with only 84v of AGM, 5th gear take-offs on a level road being easy . An 8" ADC copes well. It is only used as a shopping trolley because of 10k (6.2 mile ) range. Clutchless is easy and reminiscent of the English Smith's electric transmissions of the sixties. My other project, a 1983 Subaru Sherpa, is 90% finished and needs a controller. Major warns against Kelly, and with their prices, the old maxim holds true, " you get what you pay for ". I have enjoyed seven years of hobby-ing, but it would not have been possible without the sage counsel of forum members, which is greatly appreciated. Thanks to all.:)
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