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Very interested in Electric conversions, but am curious as to limiting factors would be by using a 1986 Pontiac Fiero.

Given what is available in the area of my state, I don't have much to be choosing from, but I am lucky enough that I can find quite a few Fieros available.

The curb weight of a Fiero is somewhere between 2,450lbs - 2,750lbs.
5 Speed Manual transmission w/rear wheel drive.
Engine is in rear of car.

Beginner here looking to increase my knowledge of electric cars and conversions.
I would be doing the conversion myself, again, because of where I live.

I am very curious as to any limiting factors using this car would have, or personal opinions regarding this car being ideal for a conversion.
Would very much enjoy using a Fiero, but if the cons are to great, I may be forced to drop this future project.

Thank you for the time!
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