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Potenza RE92 was Re: Bridgestone Ecopia EP-03 Tires

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The Potenza RE92's in the 165/65R14 and 175/65R14
sizes are LRR, but there are no numbers in the green
seal report. The 165 is the OEM Honda Insight tire,
the 175 is the OEM Prius tire. The 175 size also comes
in an XL or extra load rated tire so that might be the
thing to get for your conversion.

Not having any numbers I will say this about them
though. I was very active on the Insight Central
forums when I had my Insight and lots of people asked
about tires and those who didn't listen and put
regular tires on their cars always lost 5-10mpg
depending on what they put on the car.

I have a set of the 165/65R14's put on a modified GEM
car and even though I have the speed turned up to
about 31mph it still has excellent range. I wish I
had an ammeter on it to verify the before an after,
but it definitely rolls nicely.

Now I should mention I'm not sure what the case is
with any of the Potenza's that are larger, they may
not be LRR, but here's a way you can probably check.
The 165 and 175 size are made in Japan, they say so on
the sidewall. If the larger sizes are made in the US I
would bet they aren't LRR.


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m blew out last week while the truck was parked.
> >
> >I have been looking at these tires for my EV
> project.
> >
> >
> >Sorry for the long link. I have been looking at
> these because they are as
> >narrow and as low profile as I can find for a 14"
> tire.
> >
> >Brian
> >
> >
> Brian - do you know the rolling resistance factor
> for RE92's ? I don't
> think I've ever seen them in a chart of low rolling
> resistance tires.
> If you look at the GreenSeal paper, two of the
> lowest tires ( the
> Bridgestone B381's and the Sumitomo HTR 200's are
> available in stock at
> TireRack in 14 inch sizes - although not as narrow
> as the RE92 you are
> looking at.
> Why do you want the narrowest tire? Do you need a
> tire that small to fit
> in your wheel well?
> If not, it is more important to have a low rolling
> resistance tire. This
> depends on the material and construction of the
> tire, not its width.
> Phil Marino

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