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I finally started my ford fiesta for the first time.
I'm very satisfied ! Its still on cable but ok :)

In the first speed :
50HZ --> 13,5A max.
RPM -->1850
Weigth --> 780KG

It runs on 220/380 AC motor and Siemens Midimaster inverter.
Battery system consist of 12V/100Ah x 4 lead acid battery
This is connected to 5KW DC / AC inverter and to siemens midimaster.
At this time I'm not worried about the distance.

This is what i want to know ( its practical question ):
- how much power do i need to start in first speed, switch to second,third and forth speed if the distance is cca 500m. Let's say city driving.

- the same thing but if i have to run on 10% hill. The third speed is the maximum in this scenario.

Thank you in advance.
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