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I have Honda Del Sol conversion that needs batteries and is sitting in my garage. I had put a LOT into it back in 2008 thru 2010 and it was running GREAT with a rebuilt ADC FB-4001A motor, Curtis controller and 21 6V FLA batteries. In late 2010 I took a job overseas, sold the batteries and controller, put the car on jack stands and moved to Japan. Last year I retired, came home and have been trying to decide whether or not to get it back on the road. Just before I left, I bought a Zilla 1K, still have that in the box and have been researching batteries.

I am only looking for a 15-mile low-speed range, so that simplifies things. Today a friend of mine told me about a guy who is selling a large lot of Power Sonic PDC 12200B AGM batteries (really low price). They are 12V / 20AH, new in the box and have been sitting for 3 years. He says they have been topped up a few times and are testing at 12.8V to 11.9V. I was considering buying 80-some and having spares on the shelf.

The Spec sheet is at: PDC-12200 technical specifications_US.pdf (

I was thinking of putting maybe 6 in parallel and then 10 of those groups in series for a 120V pack. I have a 220V NG-3 in the garage that is set up for 126V / 220AH. I think I can send that off to be adjusted as needed. I hope the batteries are in a similar condition and can run with good manual monitoring and no BMS. I seem to remember running max at 200 amps steady for 5 to 10 minutes and that is more than I need now. Basically, just crawling around town under 40 MPH with maybe an occasional 50 MPH segment for a few minutes. Weight and space would be OK but is there anything I am overlooking? Thanks in advance.
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