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Power-to-weight ratio | Good Motor?

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In preparation for a DIY-electric motorcycle i wanne make my first conversion.
I want to try hard already on thisone to see where i can go.

Do you know any good Motors that i could put voltage in to reach a compareable power to a 70kw ICE-Bike? How much Kw should i be looking for? Dual-motors would be nice too.

I just dont feel comfortable to use those heavy industrial Motors. Are forklift-motor a good way to go for a Bike where i wanne focus on the weight?

Budget isn't too much of a deal since its my dream for many years now. So just put some ideas here that come to your mind, please!

My Current go-to-Motor is thisone:
What are your thoughts? I would use 2 of those on 600amps but it still sounds pretty heavy and is not even water-cooled
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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