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Pre build planning and suggestions

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Hello all! Long time lurker first time poster.
My 24hp Country Clipper just had an ICE attack, yeah it's dead.
It has a vertical shaft with a pulley for the Hydro's and an electric clutch for the 3 blades. (54" deck). My financial advisor has given me permission to convert it. (I love her) My starting questions is this. Would the current configuration with the hydro pulley and electric clutch work with an electric motor in place of the ICE. Or is a better option using a motor for the blades and one for the hydro's? I would really like to keep the hydro set up, it handles forward and reverse along with neutral. Plus this z has a joystick control which frees up a hand for a beverage or a sprayer wand for spot spraying. Once I get past this I can start figuring out parts and start ordering things. I've wanting a doner Country Clipper for this and now I have one. And besides every other yard tool I have is electric, see attached. ( not shown in the pic is the 80v Chain Saw)

Thanks in Advance!


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Thank you for replying!
So you think I can run both the hydro's and the deck of the same motor, awesome. Do you think this is a candidate for an ac motor or do you think a 48 or 72v DC motor would suffice?

Thanks again!
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