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I expect all of them will be protecting the controller too.
What else is there to pre-charge but the controller?

1.5A on a 100 ohm 10W resistor? Sounds like a firecracker to me. Even at momentary 5x overload, that is 50W vs. 225W supply. A PTC will help, but is it fast enough?

Try a common household GU10 halogen lightbulb, 20W 110V. It is about 45 ohm cold and 600 ohm glowing hot. This should work up to 96V. For 150V two in series will give you 90 ohm to about 700. If you desire more current, then use 35W (30 ohm) or 50W (18 ohm) lamps.

I believe Leaf pre-charge resistor is at 30 ohms.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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