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It appears that the "RU" suffix indicates remanufactured. The "MTY" defines the electric design. I think that is a 7.2" frame dia, 33 slot, 7" core. No doubt a fine robust motor maybe big enough to rip a cart apart. Likely 100+lbs.

The MJQ motor is a 7.2" dia frame also but uses a 5" core and 45 slots with a bit narrower brush. Likely ~15lbs lighter. Ultimate torque lower by 5/7 vs MTY. Speed-torque performance similar but derated current wise but might tolerate higher voltage.

MJT is a 6.6" dia motor using a 37 slot armature 3.25" core. Basically a golf cart size motor with real guts. It might come in less than 50lbs. Unless you just want to burn the rubber off the tires, this is your best choice of the three.

They're all series wound so you need over speed protection or flack jacket.

Good luck.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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