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I bought a Prius battery to start a cheap way to power up a former lead acid EV. I bought a Multicharger to recondition/test cells and I'm having issues. First battery date code is 2010 and i thought this was a 6S cell but when i hook charger up it rates a 6volt NiMH discharge setting as 6.4 (discharge to 6.39) with a 8S label and if i look at a 6S label its setting it has a discharge setting of 4.5v. all videos show Prius reconditioning as 6 volt lower end. I charged first 4 cells to 7500 but had swelling on one cell so cut setting to 7100 less swelling. Charge 5A discharge 2A 10 minute rest and cycle 3 times. am I heading in right direction what is a "Good" cell parameters or "Bad" parameters? Any help appreciated
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