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Hey All,
I'm trying to gauge interest in cheap OEM Hybrid and EV parts and Batteries! Price Includes Shipping to a Hub Near YOU!

Please feel free to contact me with any other specific part requests and I'll see what I can find! I have access to just about any OEM part one could need all you need to do is ask about a specific part and I'll see what I can find!

Free Install of an open inverter board of choice! Board and Materials Cost Only!
Currently for OEM Running Hardware I have:
Prius P310, P410, P510 transaxles-$650 per
Toyota/Lexus MGR-$500
Prius Gen II and III inverters-$500
Toyota/Lexus A/C compressors-$250
16' Chevy Volt inverter and transaxle-$1500

20-Kia/Hyundai LG Chem Modules 8s1p 5.3ah-$50
8-Infinity Q50 LG Chem 8s1p 5ah-$50

Q50 Modules

Kia Hyundai

Message me here or at [email protected] for orders
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